Cactus General Transport offers a wide range of equipments and machinery to help meet your rental requirements. Our options include not only rental equipment machinery but we have different types of heavy and light vehicles for your transportation needs. Our equipment and machinery is used to serve many industries that include construction, oil field services, events, manufacturing and many more. Cactus General Transport is a professional company with years of expertise that you can depend on to make sure that your needs will be met. We have a professional staff with years of experience in dealing with the different requirements that our clients are looking for. We are operating all over in the UAE. Renting Heavy Equipments with us is fast, easy, and cost-effective. For any questions please feel free to contact our office and speak to our operations team.

Heavy Machinery Rental

We are ready to assist you with the different types of heavy equipment rental needs that you may have. We have many options that you can choose from on our website. For any machinery that you require but do not see listed on our website, please fill the inquiry form or feel free to call us and discuss with our experienced operations team as to how we can help you.

Road Transportation

Cactus is one of the leading transport companies that provide road transportation within the UAE. Our machines are equipped with the latest GPS Tracking devices to make sure that your goods are taken care of and get to the proper destination within the specified time. We also take responsibility by having Hauliers Liability Insurance to cover the cargo in case of accident.

GCC Cargo Movement

GCC Cargo Movement is an integral part of our business. As technology continues to expand, the world is becoming more interconnected. The GCC is a region which continues to grow and therefore the demands are also increasing for products and services throughout the GCC. Cactus General Transport is an excellent partner for your GCC cargo movements.

Oil & Gas Field Equipment Rental and Transportation

Cactus is an approved vendor for onshore/offshore services within the UAE. We are already registered with many oilfield areas that require CICPA passes. Our machinery and operators/drivers are ready to assist you on the different heavy equipment machinery or transportation requirements that are CNIA related. We offer our services on per day, per week, per month or trip basis.

Project Based Machinery

If you are looking for a company to help with a specific project, no need to look any further. Cactus Transport specializes and has the experience in helping clients with specific project related machinery. Whether short term or long term, we can assist you with the different types of equipments and solutions that you require over the tenure of the project.

Labor Rental

Finding the right people to execute labor related tasks can sometimes become a hassle. Over the years our clients have relied on us to help with providing labor for different odd jobs that they usually don’t do. Our personnel usually have the experience and training that can assist with the labor rental requirements of our clients.

Operator/Driver Rental

Cactus General Transport plays a key role in helping our clients with the rental of Operators and Drivers for their key projects. Sometimes clients are in a need to execute projects but don’t have the necessary workforce so they are in need of hiring extra drivers/operators but don’t want to hire on a permanent basis. We can help you with the temporary hire of operators/drivers.

Other Equipment Rental

Other than the hiring of heavy machinery and transportation vehicles we also have available many types of extra equipments for rent. Some of our equipments include generators, tower lights, compressors, pallet trolleys, and etc. Please get in touch with our team and discuss with them what you are looking for to help us serve you with your requirements.

Client Satisfaction

At the heart of our business model is client satisfaction. This is the single most important aspect for us to honour. Our clients deserve the best and most comprehensive client service available. We are focused to become the most reliable organization for our clients. Their satisfaction is the foundation for our growth and reputation.

Quality of work

We are determined to make sure that our operators are competent about their work and that our machinery is in good operating condition. With these two factors being achieved the quality of our work will be unmatched. There is much emphasis that is put on training and maintenance.

Health, Safety and Environment

Human life, the safety of individuals & the protection of the environment are our main responsibilities. Loss of any kind is unacceptable. All precautions and necessary measurements will be taken to ensure the safety and health in the work we do and of the individuals that are involved.

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